Storing your RIB

When you invest in a new or second-hand RIB you will need to decide where you want to store it.  Considerations include your time, cost, space available, frequency of use and convenience.

Storing your RIB at home

This is one of the lowest cost options, assuming you have space on your drive or garden. The benefits mean you can hook up and launch anywhere there is a public slipway or hard.  Or simply hook up and head off to the next event or holiday.

Self-launching and recovery adds time to each end of your trip.  You will need a car that is powerful enough to manage steep or stony launching ramps. If you are launching in tidal waters, be aware of water heights and any time restrictions. You may find a long wait until the tide reaches the end of the ramp.

Another consideration if you are regularly launching from a road trailer is additional maintenance for your road trailer, to negate any effects from salt water.

Here is a handy guide to public launching facilities:

Trailer storage at boat and rib compounds

If you do not have space at home, many marinas and yacht havens have shore side space available for RIB storage.  This can work well if you are using your RIB intermittently.

The same factors about launching from a trailer apply. Always enquire about local onsite security arrangements. If the compound is not locked, you may need to invest in a good wheel clamp and engine lock.  If you are storing in an outdoor environment invest in a full cover and prop cover too, to protect your boat from UV light and dirt.

Costs depend on boat size, storage location and proximity to launching ramps. Budget from around £12 – £16/metre per month in a lock up compound.

Speak to our Trafalgar team about rib storage and launching options in Hampshire. Call 023 9238 7833

Marina RIB storage

Berthing your RIB in a marina is easy and convenient.  You can walk up to your boat on the pontoon, load up and go.  This is an easy option during the season, and great if you are short of time.

Annual marina berthing can be expensive, so many people look at an alternative storage option for the winter. There are maintenance considerations when berthing in marinas.

You will need to anti-foul your RIB to reduce weed and barnacles growing on the hull.  This adds to your maintenance costs, and antifoul can also reduce your fuel efficiency.  Being on the water full time adds wear and tear to your boat hull, tubes and engine.  There is always the risk of damage from other passing boats.  Once afloat in the marina, you will need to store your RIB trailer too.

Marina storage costs normally depend on its location and proximity to open water, and overall RIB length.  Budget from around £250-£350/meter per month.

Drystack RIB storage

Storing your RIB in a Drystack has many advantages. You can call up in advance and have your RIB launched and ready for you the moment you arrive. Likewise, when you return there is no running around and getting wet launching a trailer to retrieve your boat. The Drystack team will do it for you.  If you find you are always packing a lot into each day, Drystack storage is the option for you.

Your RIB is stored high up on strong metal racks and is lifted and launched by huge forklift trucks. Drystack storage reduces any water damage to your RIB.  It also means your RIB is very secure as it is difficult for passers-by to reach.  Many Drystack operators will offer trailer storage too.

Another bonus of a Drystack is that you do not need to invest in anti-fouling your RIB.  As a result, this will improve your fuel efficiency too.

An indoor Drystack is the ultimate storage option. With no need to cover your boat it stays clean and dry, away from the ravages of salt water, UV light, boat yard dust and air pollution. This preserves its second hand resale value too.

Drystack storage depends on location and facilities offered, and rib length. Budget from around £4000-£5000 per annum.

Please speak to our Trafalgar team about indoor Drystack RIB storage options in Portsmouth.  Call Corinne on 023 9238 7833.

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