Steering Mechanisms on RIB Boats

Tom Sanderson gives his views on the best steering mechanisms for a RIB boat:

Steering Mechanisms on RIB Boats

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Tom and I’ve been boating my entire life and I specialize in RIBs. Today’s question is about hydraulic steering versus cable steering and which is best. Ultimately it’s one of those questions that comes down to budget. Cable steering is less expensive. It works great for engines up to about 70 horsepower, however, it requires quite a bit of maintenance you’ve got to grease the cable regularly and it will wear out, so at some point, you’re going to have to change it. Hydraulic steering on the other hand is far more reliable requires much less maintenance and will last longer. It’s also much smoother and easier to turn a bigger engine when under power than a cable will be. If your budget will stretch to it then I would recommend that you go with hydraulic steering.

If you’d like to get an example of cable steering and hydraulic steering come and see us and we’ll be happy to show you a comparison.

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