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For exceptional power and acceleration, these clean, quiet, smooth, EFI-equipped engines are pretty tough to beat. Add economy, reliability and all-round performance - and you have the perfect choice.

Yamaha’s unique, fuel-efficient EFI system, micro-processor ECU, Variable Camshaft Timing (F200), clean-burn technology and noise reduction systems work seamlessly together - and the sophisticated diagnostic system shows engine and performance data via computer link, so maintenance is quick and simple.

Like all our EFI engines, the F200 can be linked to Yamaha's exclusive network system, which means you can choose from our wide range of digital gauges and instruments.

50 Years of quality

Yamaha’s first outboard motor – the P-7 - was released to the Japanese market in 1960, marking the start of over 50 years spent delivering the very best outboards that the market demands. Developing a pedigree of this nature requires a level of technical competence and commercial prowess that can only be matched by a handful of companies. Yamaha has always been dedicated to understanding exactly how people use their outboard engine which is why we are the number one outboard manufacturer in the world - a position that has been earned over years and years of commitment to the marine industry.

Other manufacturers have come and gone, but Yamaha remain dedicated to their ‘Kando’ philosophy and their customers. Half a century of knowledge and engineering experience is ingrained in every engine that is produced – and with over 9,000,000 engines produced worldwide it is clear how much difference that pedigree can make.

Marine technology has moved on in 50 years but Yamaha have been at the forefront of that innovation. Yamaha engineers and commercial staff share the passion of the millions of Yamaha customers worldwide listening to what they have to say, and understanding how products are used in the real world.

Whether it is a fisherman in Indonesia or a family on the Norfolk Broads, a Yamaha outboard motor will be the reliable partner that their boat needs - with a worldwide support network which has been developed and matured since 1960.

Over 9,000,000 outboard motors built over 50 years, by one company - that is a testament to the pedigree and talent that Yamaha Motor Corporation has and their commitment to the marine industry. First class outboard engines are in Yamaha’s DNA.

Only the best technology and components

Yamaha have always strived to ensure the best quality components and materials go into their outboard engines. Since the first Yamaha outboard motor engineers have tested their engines to destruction, then identified the parts which break and improved them before testing it again. This determined attitude to product development and testing has led to Yamaha developing the highest grade components possible.

The unique YDC-30 alloy is a perfect example of how the very best materials are used in Yamaha Outboard Engines. This unique alloy is used across the Yamaha range and has been completely designed and developed by Yamaha Marine Engineers. A combination of aluminium, silicon, magnesium and titanium provides industry leading corrosion protection for significant components within the engine.

Developing a unique alloy is just one way that Yamaha ensure that quality is built into their engines. Advanced manufacturing techniques such as the five layer paint process and use of the latest technology such as the NMEA 2000 instrument interface are all factors in delivering the world’s number 1 outboard engine.

Whether you are five miles out to sea or five miles down the river a quality outboard engine means that you spend more time doing what you want to do and less time repairing and maintaining your engine. Buy quality, buy Yamaha.

5-layer paint process

Having built engines since 1960, Yamaha know more than a thing or two about durability. From our ACP-221 paint process to the sacrificial nodes, Yamaha engines are built to last.

ACP-221 demonstrates Yamaha’s dedication to durability. This unique 5 layer painting process is something which many have re-created but none have been able to match. Combined with the YDC-30 alloy; ACP-221 completes Yamaha Ultimate Corrosion protection.

A sequence of primers, undercoats and acrylic resins are oven baked for adhesion and hardness then sealed in by a final coat of clear urethane lacquer. Whilst ACP-221 protects the exterior, zinc coating and a series of sacrificial anodes are used throughout the interior of the engine.

But don’t take our word for it; take all the professional organisations who use Yamaha Outboards in commercial operation. Rescue boats including the RNLI, police boats, commercial fishing vessels, ferry services and offshore expedition services all use Yamaha engines because they know that Yamaha’s durability can withstand the most demanding rigours. In shore or off shore a well maintained Yamaha engine will run and run whether it is leisure or commercial demands.

Yamaha engines are built to last….and last…..and last.

Value that lasts

Because Yamaha engines are recognised as the number one outboard in the world everybody knows the quality of a product with the Yamaha name on it. Yamaha is a heavyweight international brand which means the quality that you have purchased is instantly recognisable - when the time comes to re-power or sell your boat this has a very positive effect.

Your boat will more attractive when it has a Yamaha outboard fitted and will achieve a higher resale price especially when your engine has high hour usage. The five year warranty is transferrable to new owners and Yamaha also has an enviable reputation for warranty support.

The difference between selling your boat or not might be the engine – the difference between selling your engine or not could be the manufacturer. Make sure you achieve the best return on your investment when selling your engine by choosing a Yamaha outboard. A good maintenance routine and proper servicing at the correct intervals are also essential in maintaining as much used value as possible. Buying Yamaha and using Yamalube lubricants simply gives you a head start in the used market as everyone in the world knows the quality of Yamaha products.

Industry leading digital output

Successful navigation of any boat requires good information, delivered in a timely fashion. When you are at the helm, especially if you are travelling at a rate of knots, you need that information presented clearly and quickly so you can stay on course.

At Yamaha, developing electronics systems to the same standard as the engine components has always been a priority. The best engines in the world can be let down by poor information output, if you don’t know what is going on under the hood then you can’t get most out of your boat.

Digital Network Gauges (DNG) are available for all Yamaha EFI engines and display the information that you need through a Local Area Network (LAN). This means that the engines are outputting a stream of information which can displayed through any gauges which are wired into the network. RPM, Hours, Trim Angle, Oil Pressure, Speed, Trip, Time, Fuel, Battery, Fuel Consumption and Fuel economy are all available with the correct gauges. Plus you have a drastically reduced wiring loom which allows installation to be as efficient and error free as possible.

Simple, efficient, information delivery provided through easy to read digital gauges is just another way that Yamaha ensures you have all the tools you need to tackle the marine environment.

Flexibility for choice, quality for control

To ensure your outboard delivers the best possible performance a wide selection of rigging parts are available to suit many different types of boat from centre console craft like RIBs, to cuddy and bowrider sports boats and even flybridge off-shore boats can be fitted out without compromise.

Rigging your engine is not a straightforward task, with any mistakes resulting in a boat which might not handle and perform how you would like.  Yamaha’s flexible rigging programme provides all the options that you need with the flexibility to choose exactly what you want. From 30HP and above you can choose from over 60 different aluminium and black stainless steel propellers with several control box options and various gauges which can be configured exactly how you want. All of the rigging options are manufactured to Yamaha standards and are optimised for use with Yamaha engines.

There a many different ways to use your boat, not to mention the difference between freshwater and saltwater, so take some time to rig your boat correctly. Your local Yamaha dealer will be able to help you choose the correct propeller and control options for your requirements and now you know – you won’t be short of choices.

Engine Specifications
Engine 4 In-line Four Stroke
Bore (mm)
Stroke (mm)
Displacement (cc)
Starting Electric
Trim Method Power Trim and Tilt
Propshaft kilowatts (HP)
Full Throttle Operating Range (RPM)
Gear Ratio
Fuel Induction E.F.I
Cooling Pressure and Temperature Controlled Water Cooled
Steering Remote
Limited Warranty 5 Years
Dry Weight

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