Making a Ballistic RIB

Ballistic RIBS built in Blouberg

An overview from the Ballistic factory

Ballistic RIBs are hand built in Cape Town, South Africa.  Next month, we are visiting the team to discuss our exciting plans to build the new 10m Ballistic RIB. 

Here’s our short insight into what goes into making a Ballistic RIB from start to finish. 

1. Our Ballistic TeamBallistic RIBs factory team

Ballistic RIBs are all built by hand by our dedicated team of laminators, finishers, fitters, stainless steel fabricators and tube builders. They all know our RIBs inside out.

We make the majority of our components in house to maximise quality control. Hard work and enthusiasm go into making sure every Ballistic RIB is built to the highest standard.

2. Hand laid hull ready for ladder Chassis

Ballistic Rib Hull MouldAll our mouldings are laid up by skilled laminators, to ensure strength and quality.

This completed hull, built using Lloyds approved materials, is here in the mould, ready to have the transom and ladder chassis bonded.


3. Clamping the transoms

Ballistic RIBS in buildWe certainly build them strong! The transom on the Ballistic RIB is one of the strongest on the market. It is a sandwich construction made with fibreglass between the layers. 

Our custom-made clamping tool holds everything tightly in place whilst the resin cures, ensuring a superior bond.

4. Making the super strong ladder chassis

Building the Ballistic Ladder ChassisThe shape of the Ballistic RIB hull makes it naturally strong. Our all fibreglass ladder chassis makes it even stronger. By moulding the chassis separately we also remove the need to use any wood. 

The chassis gives great support to the under deck fuel tank, holds the rigging tubes and provides an excellent bonding surface for the deck.

5. Bonding the hull and deck

Bonding the Ballistic Rib hull togetherTo complete the three piece hull construction, the deck is then lowered onto the hull and ladder chassis. The picture shows the thick bonding paste ready to stick the mouldings together.

The deck is clamped and weighted down to set hard.  The mould has access panels allowing for excess adhesive to be removed and neatly finished.

6. The hull ready for finishing

Ballistic hull ready for tubesWith the deck bonded the bare hull is released from the mould and cleaned up.  It is now ready for fitting out and completion.

The next step is carefully fitting the tubes so they are closely sealed onto the hull, followed by the interior components.


7. Fitting the tubes

Fitting the tubes to a Ballistic RIBBallistic RIB tubes are all built in house by a highly experienced team of tube makers. We use Orca Hypalon which is the best rubber on the market. Each tube is inflated, inspected and tested for leaks for a minimum of a week before leaving the factory.

The first Ballistic we ever built is still on the water with its original tubes and it still looks great!

8.  Finishing parts and fitting out

Making a Ballistic RIBEvery part we make for our each RIB is hand finished in the factory.  It inspected for voids and defects to make sure your Ballistic RIB arrives without a blemish or scratch.

We use the best quality gelcoats for strength, colour and finish.  Here you can see the jockey seat consoles lined up and ready to fit.


9. Final stages of completion

Quality checking at Ballistic RIBSAfter final quality checks, the boats are ready for shipping. All that is left to do is carefully wrap each RIB and package them ready for shipping by container.

Whilst we are making each Ballistic RIB, all the electronics are tested at the factory. We even pre-rig the Yamaha engine controls and gauges at the factory. This enables us to delivery your Ballistic to you even faster when it arrives in the UK.

Find out more about Why Ballistic RIBS are renowned for their quality build.

10. Meeting the locals

Each trip we feel it’s important to get out and meet the locals. Here’s a couple of local residents we met last time!

Making a Ballistic RIBMaking a Ballistic RIB

And, of course, it would silly not to get out and take in some of the stunning scenery too. On the last trip we were fortunate to climb the magnificent Table Mountain. (Here’s the view from the top).  Plus, take in a little bit of kitesurfing at Langebaan and Blouberg (see picture at the top!)

View from top of Table Mountain

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