5 reasons to consider a boating staycation with a RIB

A boating staycation is THE new thing. If you’ve never done it before, this could be the adventure you are looking for. Escaping the crowds and getting away on a boat is not completely new, yet going boating in a RIB is one of life’s best kept secrets!

The experience of 2020 and the pandemic will go down as the year that has changed people’s attitudes towards travel, as well as the availability of low-cost travel options. For those with a keen sense of wanderlust and an urge for healthy outdoor living, it’s definitely time to look at the alternatives.

Your RIB for life

During the summer of 2020, RIBs (rigid inflatable boat) became the ‘go to’ choice for people wanting to get away from it all. A RIB is the most flexible and versatile boat for people to take off and discover, or even rediscover, the stunning UK coastline, enjoy watersports or fishing, or simply take a trip to the local waterside pub.

A RIB is the perfect boat for getting started in boating. They are easy to learn to drive and highly adaptable.

Boating for your well-being

The adage that a “change is as good as a rest” could not be truer for boating. Whether you are blasting along at full speed or at anchor enjoying the huge skies and a sundowner, being in a boat strips life back to simplicity. You, the boat, and mother nature.

There is something amazingly calming about escaping to the sea. From the moment you cast off, you are literally leaving everything behind you on the shore. Your senses are filled with sounds of the water rushing past, the boat skimming over waves, the wind in your hair. Your mind becomes focused on driving the boat, enjoying the journey and taking in the amazing scenery. You really do feel that immense sense of separation from daily life.

boating staycation with a RIB

The beauty of boating is the sense of well-being it achieves in a very short time. Every trip afloat feels like a ‘mini-break’ – or boating staycation. Even if it’s just for a day, out you’ll have had a ‘boatcation’!

Get away from it all, from the same four walls or office, and discover what other boaters have known for so long, boating is a stress-buster. It doesn’t matter if you own your own boat, are using one you’ve hired or are sharing one, going out on a boat is the best way to completely relax. It’s little wonder there is a growing body of research evidencing the well-being benefits of enjoying life in boat.

Explore the UK coastline by RIB

Imagine never having to queue in traffic or worry about finding a car park when you can dock alongside a town quay or in a marina, step off and start exploring!

A RIB is the perfect boat for exploring new places whether it is creeping into secluded bays, pushing up tidal creeks or heading to a traditional seaside town.

boating staycation with a RIB

It’s the speed and versatility of a RIB that opens up your boating staycation options. If you want to spend time getting to know a place, it’s great fun to arrive by RIB, moor up and visit the local museums and attractions. Inevitably, many of the UK’s coastal harbours and towns are packed with fascinating maritime and naval history, sea life centres and seaside entertainments.

For the geology and photography enthusiasts you’ll see views of the cliffs and coastline that you can never get to appreciate from onshore and you can get “close up and personal” with the shoreline. You can even use your RIB as a dive boat, to explore the underwater sights too.

Flexible touring in a RIB

A RIB allows you to reach the places you simply can’t reach easily by car! Hop from island to island without having to queue for a ferry. Anchor up in secluded beaches or remote bays where the only other visitors have arrived by boat. Check out Britain’s Secret Beaches the video series by Virgin Radio’s Sam Pinkham.

You have total flexibility to plan your break – whether it is one day, a weekend, or a week long holiday, and out on the water you can get away from it all in your own safe ‘bubble’ too.

You don’t always have to launch from the same place. Tow your RIB on a road trailer to your holiday destination or take it with you to explore different parts of the country, and tour the area from the water.

boating staycation with a RIB

RIBs are exceptionally flexible for berthing in different places. You can park on the beach, anchor up, or be confident that the robust inflatable RIB tubes act as additional ‘fenders’ (like bumpers) especially if you plan to moor up somewhere for any length of time.

Motor from port-to-port, moor up and stay overnight in a local boutique hotel, an Airbnb, or try the nautical equivalent using Beds on Board.

A RIBs offers something for everyone

Most RIBs can carry between six to ten people, and some take more depending on their size and layout. Perfect for day trips out or a full boating staycation with friends or family. Everyone can get involved too. If your kids are addicted to their screens at home – let them get engaged with the chart plotter (digital nautical map) and GPS to sort out your route.

Away from other boaters and in calm open waters, they can have a go at steering – with good supervision of course. Nothing replaces a good powerboat training course, so if they decide they like it, that would definitely be a good next step.

A RIB is perfect to try other watersports too.  Take or hire a kayak or paddleboard, or simply go fishing. It can tow wakeboarders or water skiiers. For those who love speed and exhilaration, there’s an abundance of inflatable tubes, ringos and bananas that can be towed with the kids on board for a whizz around the bay. All amazing experiences leaving life-long memories. Anchor up in the right bay in the summer and you may find an ‘ice cream boat’ comes by too, for a refreshing treat.

It’s a brilliant way to spend time together, experiencing new places and activities. Beach swimming, snorkelling, rock pooling and crabbing in remote places all become very easy.

Alfresco dining

Try a boating staycation

Looking for some peace and quiet at the end of a day. Your RIB is the perfect place to escape to a quite harbour or bay. Stretch out on the sunbed, crack open the beers and put the fishing line out – you never know you might catch your supper. Or simply pop the table up if you have one and breakout the picnic and sit back and relax.

There’s no more relaxing way to extend a summer’s day, returning with sand between the toes, a sun blessed face, ready to face the next day.

Want to find out more about how to get started for your boating staycation? Get in touch and we’ll help you head in the right direction.

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